About Emlyn
My name is Emlyn William Scott and I have been hugely into photography since my first digital camera at 1999 or 2000, it didn’t have a screen and it was only 1mp at the time.

I am 35 and have classic autism,(mild) intellectual disability, grand mal life long epilepsy, visual processing impairment, and a physical disability amongst other things,I have lived in residential care homes with 2-1 support since 18 but I now have my own place with constant day/night 1-1 support,within a supported living facility.
I like to spend my time making art of all kind,from photography to painting to ceramics. I love animals more than anyone or anything and have a support cat called Mr Shadow who has a disability himself,two rabbits called Luna and Binky,and a gaggle of tropical fish in a 400l tank that my dad looks after for me.
I also enjoy music very much,my favourite music is rap,grime, and hip hop,but I also love electronic music,metal and swing.
My favourite TV shows are In the night garden,Thomas the tank engine (old version),the goldbergs,bobs burgers, family guy and American dad. 
I enjoy in the night garden and Thomas-i just love the sensory experience of in the night garden (I’ve been to see it live to),and I love Thomas and enjoy the real train sets used in old Thomas.
I enjoy watching sports,I support Manchester Storm ice hockey team and Arsenal football club.
*******If you would like to buy any of my artwork please contact me.if you would like to use my photographs for a website/media etc please contact me first,or if you have any questions please contact me.*******