Mr Shadow,made with charcoal, I gave this as a leaving present to an ex support staff of mine,it had been my first attempt at using charcoal.
The autism infinity logo,made out of jumping clay
Autism bear,a bear I painted in acrylics and oil pastels to represent the true colours of the spectrum
An ode to my longest living fish,Honey who was an Orlando, made with oil based pastels
This is a picture I painted for my mum of a steiff bear I own
An old support staff unfortunately ruined it by writing the name on...this was my first attempt at water colour.Eddie Lee Moseley, a convicted killer whose severe intellectual disability was never taken into account and not placed in a therapeutic forensic unit instead.
A mecha robot,I sketched this when I was around 17 years old.
The meltdown. Painted with my fingers,from a top down abstract kind of look.
The frog
Cypresses picture. I made it with acrylics and specialist paint, i designed it inspired by my mate Cypress
My sensory corner currently
Learning (intellectual) disability pride bag
An autism Infinity bag
My texture/touch board
My weighted pencil kitty-how I draw now
This paining was made with water colour pencils, it highlights how everyone is connected together no matter what colour/difference they have
A cake I made for my nieces,with my staff
A PECS board I made with my staff using felt and and a £4 board from hobbycraft
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